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Address: Viale Europa 133
50126 Firenze, Italia
Tel. +39 0556580070
Fax +39 0556580720

Altamoda Italia presents the collection CULT and FUSION

Cult is the homage that, Altamoda, wants to make to the big screen. So, it reveals spaces with cinematographic appeal, where black is alternate to ivory, in order to design the scenography of a postmodern international intrigue.

Fusion is just one of the meaning of Altamoda’s word: the one that shows its eclecticism, its mutability, and the skill to break also into the more essential scenery. The manners, don’t lose the frivolous toque, that, in the past, it knew define each products like a truth and proper divertissement for furniture; now, a totally renewed palette starts to play, and it approaches white to beige, grey to black. The tones fade out, and the fusion stands out: the founder act of a new - and ironic – minimalism.


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