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Altamoda Italia - Boy Collections

immagine_20110427122842.jpg Altamoda Boy presents the new collections Jonny, Moby, Willy & Spirit
The curious mixes are always rich in creativity and Altamoda shows to be an expert in doing this.
Jonny is a good example. Denim/velvet, glitter/pinstripe, lacquering/wood: combinations that
describe and define contemporary spaces that scent of vintage. Clever chromatic matching dress up
the furniture, joining voluptuous and rigorous lines: the result is a “swinging London” view in the
land of an ultra-modern teddy bear.

An inspiration to sea world is a pretext to tell amazing stories where water is the leit motiv of
magical and charming environment. A surreal seabed made by enchanted details. The ripples are
shaped into fresh handmade carvings; headboards and frames magically become light as fresh
gushes. The play of printed fabrics, designed by Ken Scott’s evergreen creativity, highlights with an
unmistakable signature the upholsteries, giving inspiration for new sea-bottom adventure tales.

Adventure living is the categorical imperative for those who love travelling, exploring and
discovering different cultures. Their style and their idea of elegance are strictly linked with this
rule. Willy, trying to transfer his lifestyle to his home, delivers to us an international appealing
view, capturing from the distinctive purity of the lines some marked connexions with decoration. A
côté déco expressed in the upholsteries, in the design of the furniture and frames.

Reaffirming the british style as backbone of the contemporary elegance. Impossible to say no to this
proposal for those who dress their image with details both classical and important. The warm tones
of coffee and gold create icon-spaces that remind landscapes in tallyho style. Spirit is explicitly
dedicated to the faultless ones: those who are devoted to detail, because this way only they can
define the perfect expression of their lifestyle.


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