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Address: Viale Europa 133
50126 Firenze, Italia
Tel. +39 0556580070
Fax +39 0556580720

Altamoda Italia - Collection Prima Classe

immagine_20120424110501.jpg The black and white is shown in its most glamorous version
Altamoda, a new classic style which remains unchanged with fashions, and establishes through the time by understanding that strong luxury-oriented trend which is able to meet the taste of the most attentive clients. The ethereal contemporary design of Prima Classe collection – the latest expression of Altamoda’s creativity - offers a complete range of very sophisticated items. Its full decorative feeling is enhanced by the jewels details. Every item expresses its fresh modernity through a perfect matching with the handmade production, a must for the Company’s “fashion” instinct.The handmade carvings and the precious selection of fabrics define the richness of its look, entirely devoted to the exclusive décor of Prima Classe. The black and white is shown in its most glamorous version. Together with the ivory nuances of fabrics, it creates a very elegant shades game, thus lowering the contrast and perfectly matching to the glitter finishing, the jewel carvings and the floreal décor.


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