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Altamoda Italia - Collections Lulů & Mimě

immagine_20120424143113.jpg Altamoda Girl, the new proposals!


Landscapes of glitter and marabout: an unusual savannah shows its glam side. It is an unusual safari where Lulù is guiding us to. A rare expression of animalier dimension, where the jungle style shows thanks to the graphic devices appearing on headboards and wardrobe, thus creating an uncommon balance with the environment. It is unexpectedly matched to glittering upholstery and white eco fur, and with marabou, dispersed here and there to embellish pillows and to enrich pouffs. A very particular queen of desert, that coins a new imperative of style melting the savannah references – throw by the graphic inserts, with the whiteness, mother tone of this extraordinary space.


Dreams are the expression of tales that every girl would like to live: Mimì is their anteroom. The perfect preamble for a dream trip exploring the reign of loveliness showing its details. The flimsy marabout inserts reveal themselves, the stylistics acrobatic tricks of carvings dress up the consoles and the headboard crown; the soft eco fur emerges and wraps the armchair. The floral print blooms: Mimì, fairly frivolous, appears! The detail assumes ethereal shapes, showing the stylistic cipher of a surreal house of dolls, finally,becomes true!


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