Design changes the closet too

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Design changes the closet too
How in the interior decor fabrics interpret seasons

There is no doubt that each time of the year influences our mood and the way we look at things around us. Sunny seasons lead us to love bright colours, colorful patterns and cool fabrics, just as the colder ones drive us to appreciate autumn shades and warm and soft fabrics.

But twice a year, duty calls to change the closet. A moment as much feared as satisfying once done because it takes us, or rather accompanies us, into the right current season dimension.
Does design follow the same rules of clothing?
Not exactly. A kitchen cannot change appearance, structure or coating depending on the season, but can be transformed and modified with new details, curtains, flowers vases, etc… The same goes for a wardrobe or a bookcase, it would be logically impossible to switch them every season change.

Instead, there are complements that easily embrace the concept of the succession of seasons.
Everything that has a "removable fabric", for example, already innately offers the opportunity to change the aesthetics any time. This kind of object, whether it is a sofa or an armchair, if equipped with removable textile to meet the necessity to easily wash it, consequently satisfies every personal desire to change the complement look according to the season.
The same concept goes for all the household linen which, depending on cloths and shades, amplifies and highlights the current time of the year.

A piece of furniture that perhaps is not taken into account for this purpose but instead is well suited to accompany the change of season are lamps. The lights equipped with interchangeable lampshade offer in fact many creative ideas thanks to the possibility of choosing the lampshade with colours or decorations that match the season.

Marioni offers an incredible variety of lamps with decorated base and lampshade in multiple fabrics and colors, also on request, which can be replaced with incredible ease.

For those who do not like to change so often but at the same time do not want to give up the sensations of always having objects that bring their mood closer to the outdoor climate, there is the opportunity to choose the same object but in multiple specimens and different finishes.
An example is the armchair Diva by Borzalino which in fact offers an incredible variety of upholsteries, harmoniously combined with each other and capable of interpreting the seasons without having any type of modification. Fabrics, colours, floral patterns that find their own perfect space-time placing in any moment of the year. A design oriented object that does not lend itself to the change of season but which is capable of enclosing the seasons that everyone wants.