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Company details
Via Mazzini, 73/75
50050 Stabbia - Cerreto Guidi (FI) - Italy
Tel. +39.0571.586881_95651
Fax +39.0571.586885
1950 - 2020 || 70 YEARS OF DESIGN

The antoniolupi story begins in 1950 in Fucecchio, a town in the province of Florence, with a small workshop specialized in processing glass for  furnishings that only 10 years later, thanks to the foresight of the founder Antonio Lupi, Becomes an  industrial reality. From the beginning, the company Cristal Lupi Luxor, dedicates their work to bathroom  accessories, distinguished for craftmanship, attention to detail, a tailored production and precision in order processing.
In the second half of the 80s, the second generation begin working in the company, and a great leap towards design takes place with innovative collections and iconic objects that far anticipate the trend of the bathroom which becomes a place no longer private and to keep behind closed doors, but to show.

Seventy years are witnesses of the company's strong design spirit. Today antoniolupi is the symbol of a precise style, elegant in its minimalism, essential in its technological perfection. An identity of colors, textures and finishes, full of iconic and functional objects, many of which are absorbed by the walls or ceiling to allow for more space and, once again, the maximum personalization of the place. Formal rigor and contemporary image: a snapshot of a company 100% made in Italy that produces to order and has no
warehouse stock.
Seventy years of great passion, a lot of work and well-deserved success.


“Between the lines” is a concept by Gumdesign for antoniolupi, a box in which all the antoniolupi collections, designed by the two Tuscan designers develop (sinks, freestanding sinks, carpets, accessories, wall coverings, etc). “Between the lines” is the guiding thread that sews the entire graphic and design project, a concept that goes beyond what is visible giving structure to a completely new project of objects, colors and shapes.

Horizontal and vertical lines as map coordinates: anatomy, visible and sometimes invisible structure of the object. Gessati was the first proposal of this box, here the lines are explicit, clear and protagonists. Other lines, sometimes invisible, will be revealed throughout 2020 with other products.

The vision of a journey also leads to the glorification of the Tuscan atmospheres (green hills and blue skies). Ceruleo, Oleo and Gran Cru are the three new shades designed and created in the laboratory by Gumdesign inspired by this land.
The depth of the color represents shades enclosed in the material, where the borders widen in a continuous archive of chromatic information.
The new colors of Cristalmood are a chromatic plurality that cannot be trapped in a preestablished

designed by Gumdesign

Bolgheri is the new freestanding sink by antoniolupi that reflects the flavors and colors of the
Tuscan tradition. An object with essential geometry and an innovative consistency. Bolgheri is
born from the combination of two antithetical materials, totally natural cork and Cristalmood
which is the result of the most advanced technology.

antoniolupi, forerunner of trends in the world of bathroom and living furniture, today breaks down the existing boundaries between different materials, creating an evocative object that draws inspiration from the 'small villages set like stones' on the hills of Tuscany and from where the object takes its name.

Cork is a natural, fire-retardant, elastic, light element that does not fear humidity. Cristalmood is a transparent, colorful and resistant resin developed specifically by antoniolupi to create sinks that can be combined with the most diverse materials, creating refined color combinations while offering all the essential functions.

Eco-friendly sink
Sustainability is an important and very topical issue also in the design sector and antoniolupi, a company sensitive to the topic, is working hard in this direction.
Bolgheri is a totally eco-sustainable sink starting from the base which is made with recycled cork finished by hand to obtain a soft tactile effect. Cork is a light, flexible, resistant, recycled and 100% recyclable material. Natural cork is recomposed by using only natural resins. The importance of this project is also linked to solidarity and the implementation of circular economy processes.

Cristalmood also has an eco-sustainable value. Despite being an industrial product, it is durable over time and recyclable: it is durable over time as it is restorable and resistant so we can consider it a type of eco-sustainable material.

In addition to the Natural Cork version, the base of Bolgheri is also available in the Toasted Cork version: a dark brown color with a coffee effect.