antoniolupi - Preview Salone del Mobile2020

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Company details
Via Mazzini, 73/75
50050 Stabbia - Cerreto Guidi (FI) - Italy
Tel. +39.0571.586881_95651
Fax +39.0571.586885
antoniolupi preview eurobagno 2020 2020
"project culture and transversal proposal"

An infinite research for excellence, quality, creativity and essentiality in the bathroom furnishings and in the household. That’s what “project culture” means for antoniolupi.
Here essentiality represents the leitmotif of the wide proposal for the next edition of Eurobagno 2020.

8 designers with over 16 different projects: these are the numbers of antoniolupi at Salone 2020.
Every proposal is the expression of the extraordinary Italian creative talent but combined with the experience and productive capacity of antoniolupi, affirming the distinctive character of the brand that celebrates 70 years of activity this year. A company that has always been able to experiment and innovate, offering a transversal offer of products and break the classic patterns of the design world.

RAINDROP - designed by  Calvi Brambilla
The elegance of an indication that refers to one of the most well-known phenomena of
nature, the technological excellence that allows us to perfectly reproduce the image, the
creative thought of the man who takes the essence and proposes it in a new alienating way,
overturning the perception. Raindrop is all this, it is a showerhead integrated in the ceiling
that reproduces the image of the effect generated by a drop of rain that hits the surface of the
water. The delicate concentric circles that evolve with less intensity while moving away from
the center, portray a sophisticated sign on the ceiling, a natural decoration that wraps and
protects the built-in showerhead.

Perfect in its absolute cleanliness, Raindrop is made of Flumood and can be perfectly
integrated in the ceiling to which it gives an unexpected three-dimensionality, identifying, or
better enhancing, the shower and wellness area.

With Raindrop, antoniolupi continues on the path of researching integrated ceiling
showerhead systems in which the technological component is hidden and the showerhead is
in fact drowned perfectly in the false ceiling. Solutions in which attention to detail is even
more important, proposals that best express the tailoring of antoniolupi and the constant
search for an exclusive bathroom environment.
OSSIMORO - design Calvi Brambilla
OSSIMORO is the paradigm of tension that originates the shape of a sink-sculpture in white marble. The Ossimoro washbasin project, designed by the architects Calvi Brambilla, has been
addressed with the utmost respect and sense of responsibility towards marble, a material that
has always been used in architecture and art. The designers Calvi Brambilla and antoniolupi
have tried to approach this project using technological and contemporary means, but with the
utmost respect for the past and for a natural resource that is available in a limited quantity.
This led to enhance the qualities of the material by creating a unique object.

"The inspiration for Ossimoro came when attending a 2016 exhibition by the Spanish artist
who lives and works in London, Angela de la Cruz” tell the designers Calvi Brambilla. The
compression effect, wanted by the designers, was born from a clash between parallelepipeds
and wanting to make matter fluid. In order to achieve this effect, a new technique was
developed, the simulation of compressing a block in 3D.
With the Ossimoro project a new technique has been developed for the realization of the
'Sculpture', starting from the idea of a marble sink with the effect of a “soft marble block”,
compressed; an almost surreal object.
The washbasin is made of Oriental White marble. It is a graceful monolith, a freestanding
totem which can be combined with a wall or floor mixer.

New precious reflections enrich the basins collections. The warmth and brillance of bronze
and brass interact with colored or white basins. Elegant, contemporary and vibrant with
reflections. Able to enhance simple and linear or complex shapes as well as smooth or
articulated surfaces, enveloping them and enhancing their three-dimensional shape. The new
finish developed by antoniolupi for Flumood gives substance to the volumes giving them a
feeling of precious solidity. The objects change their appearance because some details
become highlighted, acquiring a new identity thanks to the alternation of colors which
embellish their iconic image with a new and sparkling look.
A special coating with metal powder, a technologically advanced process that allows the
deposition of real metal microparticles on the surface. A spray application that requires a
specific know-how that is in the DNA of antoniolupi. A process that allows to make the finish
homogeneous, covering every little detail. A technology that gives a resistant and refined
armor to the elements made of Flumood.
Designer by carlo Colombo the Albume basins are proposed in the new precious reflections
that enrich the basins collections. The warmth and brillance of bronze and brass interact with
colored or white basins, in contrast or in harmony. The sink becomes precious even in its clean
and minimal shapes.