antoniolupi SHOWROOM - A restyling rich with news

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 A restyling rich with news  - the antoniolupi showroom has a very recent history. In 2015 the space was completely restored and enlarged due to an atmospheric event that in September 2014 made the space unusable. After only four years of the restoration, the showroom changes its look completely to become a place that, in addition to accommodating multiple settings that best enhance the characteristics of each product, winks at the fashion world for its innovative and trendy colors and moods.

Over 2,300 square meters of rooms, products, colors and music, where the difference between the bathroom, living and sleeping areas is barely perceptible, a choice strongly desired by the company that intends to emphasize the concept of total living.

Andrea Lupi, CEO of antoniolupi, states: "the restyling process which began some years ago, continues with elegance and design coherence. The most important change of this year was in the colors of the interior spaces where the support of Studio Calvi Brambilla was very important. We were able to mix many colors creating a coherent and very pleasant space ".

Collaboration with Calvi Brambilla
The restyling project was carried out by the in-house design studio together with the Studio Calvi Brambilla. antoniolupi has been collaborating with them for over two years to create exhibition layouts for fairs and sales points. The Architects Paolo Brambilla and Fabio Calvi declare: "We have tried to give continuity to the Stabbia showroom based on our work experience for antoniolupi, deepening even more the concept of the bathroom and increasing its dimensions: we have created real environments emphasized from the use of very bright and contemporary colors, where the architectural sense is given by the scenic backdrops that contain, from time to time, the wonderful collections of antoniolupi ".

Internal space
The welcoming and colorful antoniolupi space is spread out over a vast surface and is on a single level. The first impact occurs with an environment that appears as a museum gallery, in which iconic and sculptural objects have been placed on the sides of the main entrance. Immediately straight ahead is a large swimming pool of showerheads, that give off an "aquatic show" that fascinates the visitors. Near the pool there is a platform, on which the most innovative projects are placed (at the moment the new Vortice sink is visible).

The renovation of the interior space contemplated the realization of many structural works such as eliminating all the glass walls that delimited the spaces and included curved and colorful walls that create natural harmonious settings for the inserted objects.

The coexistence and the theatrical combination of timeless collections and products with the most recent ones is very interesting, creating luxurious and elegant settings that evoke the distinct antoniolupi taste, an elegance that has now become an integral part of the company's DNA.

The showroom is spread over an area of over 2,300 square meters, oscillating between housing solutions and lifestyles: all the rooms are designed to tell the soul and substance of antoniolupi.
Much attention is given to product communication. Many objects are in fact accompanied by videos that tell the specifics of the products.

The Pietra e il Fuoco
The “Pietra e il Fuoco” space in the 1970s was a production site of antoniolupi, today there is an extensive open-space area with a post-industrial flavor, a creative and very dynamic environment able to host events, exhibitions and product exhibitions. The industrial character of this environment is underlined by the given rhythm of the volumes, the absence of ornaments, some visible industrial elements and the deliberately unfinished concrete floor.
This 1,000 square meter post-industrial environment becomes the perfect setting for the innovative Cristalmood transparent resin products, for prototypes of new models and for the sculptures / products that are and will remain notorious by antoniolupi.

External area
The space directly overlooks the internal courtyard of the company which is like a garden full of evergreens and olive trees. In the center of the lawn you can find the “VascaBarca”, the sculpture by the two French artists Anne and Patrick Poirier, made from the monolith stone