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Project: Exposition '1000 anni di pellegrinaggio – il Convento di Einsiedeln'
Location: Swiss National Museum in Zurich
Architect: Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Zurich
Product: Hexaben Large red brick satin
Exposition Duration: 16.09.2017 – 21.01.2018
The abbey of Einsiedeln is one of the most significant pilgrimage sites, which over the course of its history has attracted millions of devoted pilgrims, coming from faraway countries too. A great spiritual centre that used to have relations with all the European countries, enough to receive privileges and gifts from popes, emperors, kings and common citizens, men and women. Thanks to the enormous allure exerted over the pilgrims, the abbey survived the Reformation and all the French Revolution consequences. The exhibition, set up the National Museum of Zurich, illustrates
the animated history of the monastery itself and its sanctuary, as destination of pilgrimage. Many of the most important objects on display left the abbey walls for the very first time for this special occasion: among these, for example, a manuscript probably belonged to San Meinrado, a glass of King Charles of Romania and the magnificent garments and jewels destined to adorn the Black Madonna.
For this unique project has been used the Bencore HEXABEN LARGE, in its glazed and backlit red brick version, which has been used both for vertical coverings partitions and horizontal coverings such as counters or supporting elements to the works of art.
The result is a very scenic and 'warm' effect as the designer's aim was: to “envelop” the guests into the exhibition and all the suggestions that this historic “abbey” offer.

HEXABEN LargeTM is a ultra‐light composite panel with a honeycomb aluminum core with 25mm hexagonal cells, bonded to external layers in Acrylic with a wide range of finishes and standard colors. HEXABEN Large™ is a composite panel characterized by a strong technological feature thanks to its honeycomb aluminum core borrowed from higher technological applications such as the aerospace for which this honeycomb core was originally designed. Thanks to its high aesthetical value and light weight, stiffness and transparency, HEXABEN Large™ is largely used for indoor architectural, design and furniture applications. Easy to cut HEXABEN Large™ panel can be finished with standard
accessories profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges. HEXABEN Large™ can also be edged with the same material used for the external layers.