Bencore with Foro Studio for Parah Boutique in Verona

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Bencore with Foro Studio for Parah Boutique in Verona: the design of the most innovative and trendy material is a partners of excellence in fashion.

In Verona the new Parah boutique was designed by Foro Studio. They chose to realize the interior design using the Hexaben Smal Clear version Satin by Bencore for a total
enhancement of the natural tones of the whole environment.
The concept for the new Parah boutiques, designed by their new art direct FORO Studio, shows the international fashion, of which the brand is naturally part.
The project focuses on the client's points of view, such as exclusivity, luxury, femininity and cool glamour.
In a balancing act where contemporaneity has a key role to play in, furnishings and accessories have been created to exalt the character of a historic manufacture. To do this, it was decided to play with contrasts: a cold material as opposed to each hot material.
The chosen colours palette, the materials and the new furniture system distinguish the brand by giving the right storytelling to the products - providing the boutiques with a solid and welcoming allure, suitable for a contemporary customer experience. The structural and decorative elements dialogue and adapt to the promotion and sale, since from season to season, depending on the merchandising, the products must be the only true focus.

Hexaben Small™
Ultra-light composite panel with a honeycomb aluminum core and cells of medium dimension, bonded to external layers in Acrylic with a wide range of finishes and standard colours.
Hexaben™ is a composite panel characterized by a strong technological feature thanks to its honeycomb aluminum core borrowed from higher technological applications such as the aerospace ones and for which this honeycomb core was originally designed.
Thanks to this higher aesthetical value joined to light weight, stiffness and transparency, Hexaben™ is largely used for indoor architectural, design and furniture applications. Easy to cut Hexaben™ panel can be finished with standard accessories profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges. Hexaben™ can also be edged with the same material used for the external layers.

• Thickness:
• 21 mm
• width:
• 1000 mm
• length:
• 3015mm
Glossy or Satin Finishes