Translucency of Bencore composite panels

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Translucency of Bencore composite panels: added value for increasingly flexible environments
The honeycomb core of Bencore composite panels comes from the aerospace industry where mechanical resistance is necessary. Honeycomb cores are made in aluminum, thermo resins even in recycled cardboard giving to the composite panel extreme lightweight and resistance. They can be cut to size and processed in flexible and versatile ways. These features together with translucency are the basis of the success of Bencore panels in interior design and architecture.
Translucency brings many benefits: when used as partition elements, Bencore panels widen spaces, giving depth and breadth. They divide and assure privacy at the same time, without a sense of confinement or segregation diffusing light in rooms. All decors made with Bencore panels show this unique design coming from translucency. One can see the inside core structure with both clear and colored finishing. Sophisticated and minimal, the high-tech honeycomb cores bring a futuristic view of the environment: attention to aesthetic details can add value to architects views.
Today’s environments are dynamic, changing in time and designed to give functionality and performance to the spaces. Frequently interior projects are a success when innovative materials are used, up-to-date and minimal design becomes an essential. Bencore panels match these requirements both in residential, work environments and in public spaces.