Borzalino Armchair CAMY

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Company details
Via Redolone 46
Loc. Ponte Stella
51034 Casalguidi (PT) - Italy

Camy the coolest armchair for style, material and shape

Choosing the right armchair is an important stage in home furnishing. The entire living room revolves around the armchair and the sofa and that’s the reason why choosing the perfect model of char is so important. Its characteristics and the type of coating depend on the function of the armchair.

Camy is a soft and welcoming lounge chair that expresses great comfort and the well-known Italian elegance through the materials and the craftsmanship with which it’s made. The wide range of coatings includes even a large choice of leathers and fabrics, turning this item into one of the most versatile products of the collection. Acting as both a comfortable seat and a piece of decoration, Camy stands out for its contemporary design, perfectly adapting to any style and taste. Camy can add a touch glamour to any hall, living room or office, at home as well as in a hotel lounge or in a waiting room.

The metal edge available in many different finishes highlights and defines the chair’s structure and shape.