Borzalino presents a project dedicated to living the modern [..]

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Company details
Via Redolone 46
Loc. Ponte Stella
51034 Casalguidi (PT) - Italy

Borzalino presents a project dedicated to living the modern house with a versatile style and taste.
'Casa Borzalino' comes into being.
Borzalino style contaminates, in a creative way, different places of your house with a mark characterised by luxury, daring and style: the trend prefers natural materials and warm and soft colours. The floral decoration is strongly present with the shades of light dusty pink and of aubergine to give each place a personality and intensity, in a perfect fusion between modernity and tradition.
The reference to nature for its richness and variety is evident in this constant play among forms, material and deco style.

Past and present, tradition and innovation combine in Ayton, a sofa system that generates contrasting sensations: the strict lines of the support contrast with the soft curves of the upholstery, the smooth surfaces combine with soft fabrics and the finest leathers with refined yarns. The austerity of the frame inspired by Nordic geometry of the '50s fades into the informal comfort of a contemporary seat and backrest.  
Like a flying carpet, the structure rises from the ground in a horizontal plane as if in a shell that encloses a soft and welcoming heart. Ayton is composed of different types of seats and shelves for endless combinations to make it easy to fit at home or in any public environment.

LIRA – Lamps
Lira lighting collection offers two different lamp fixture “cap” sizes that can be made available in ceiling, floor, wall or table mounted versions. The series features soft, yet well-defined lines highlighted by the small metal edge that marks the lamp’s contours, letting light pass through while enriching the luminous effect of the alabaster sphere. The detailed care and sophisticated search for the material defines and exalts the collection, bestowing value and uniqueness.