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Company details
Casalgrande Padana S.p.A.
Via Statale 467, 73 - 42013 Casalgrande (RE) - Italy
Tel. +39 0522 9901
Fax. +39 0522 996121
N. Verde: 800 210311

All nature manifests itself by means of colours to the sense of sight, wrote Goethe In each phase of our existence, humankind has been surrounded by colour; as a form of energy, colour is active within us at a physical, mental and spiritual level, evoking a specific, complex physiological and emotional response.


When choosing porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings, there is an increasingly evident focus on nature, on its beauty and ability to transmit a sense of peace as we simply contemplate it, on the magic of its colours and aromas, which brings a creative twist to the association of colour with elements of nature: the softly shifting nuances of beige and brown recall the colour of the earth, as it teams smoothly with the surrounding nature; the shades of sand reflect the light, enveloping the setting in a delightful interplay of light; shades of beige recall the sea bed, while the darker tones remind us of the bottom of the lakes.
Casalgrande Padana dedicates many of its collections to the colours of nature, inspired by natural stones.

Pietra Baugè collection, in the colour Beige, reminiscent of the warm tones of the earth, which teams smoothly with other types of material, such as the stone of the Maltese dry stone walls, weathering steel, siliceous gravel, bark mulch, Mediterranean shrubs and the water of the swimming pool.

CollectionGeowoodin the pale White Oak shade, perfectly recalls the tones of the sand, recreating a sandy sea bed above which swims a shoal of gleaming, graceful blue fish.

Collection Marte - this particular shade of the porcelain stoneware finish closely resembles some sea beds, so it has also been used for the inside of the swimming pool. The optical effect obtained amplifies the external space, which is reflected inside the pool, creating a sort of dilation of perspective.

Collection Amazzonia - porcelain stoneware tiles from the Amazzonia collection to give the water an original, almost lake-like effect.