Casalgrande Padana -New DECORATIONS added to the Kontinua ra [..]

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Company details
Casalgrande Padana S.p.A.
Via Statale 467, 73 - 42013 Casalgrande (RE) - Italy
Tel. +39 0522 9901
Fax. +39 0522 996121
N. Verde: 800 210311

The Kontinua collection has grown, with the addition of even larger sizes and a range of enchanting decorative designs.

The collection brings the emotion of natural materials into living spaces, combined with next-generation ceramics technology. Thanks to digital printing, the large porcelain stoneware tiles can now adorn walls with optical illusions, geometric patterns and multicoloured decorations.
The lightness of the material allows for maximum versatility: the tiles, with carefully calibrated dimensions, can easily be cut and drilled to meet special requirements, and personalised for use in furnishings and interior design.

Kontinua blends a natural appearance with the performance of cutting-edge ceramics technology, offering large sizes, durability and a slender design. The lightweight, unbroken surfaces provided by large-format tiles redefine design boundaries, allowing ambitious residential and commercial spaces to be created without compromising on the performance and aesthetics of Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware.

The 6.5 mm and 12 mm thicknesses take the concept of ceramic cladding to the next level, one where the beautiful textures and marble-, stone-, or concrete-effect finishes are able to extend without interruption within truly cutting-edge architectural projects. The large format ensures visual uniformity throughout the various rooms of the home and is fully compatible with traditional thicknesses, allowing highly expressive aesthetic and functional coordination.
Slab dimensions: 120x120, 160x320, 120x260 and 120x240 cm.