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LIMPHA Collection,
the evergreen porcelain stoneware that purifies the air

Limpha is the new collection porcelain stoneware from Casalgrande Padana. Inspired by climbing plants, it’s the perfect way to transform a simple covering into a decoration.
The covering is a tribute to nature and those “green walls” that cover some buildings. Quite simply, this ceramic collection has environmental protection in its DNA.

Thanks to its optimal versatility of use and unparalleled technical properties (resistance to freezing, abrasions, wear and tear and bending, plus colour resistance to light), the porcelain stoneware in the Limpha collection is perfect for both internal and external spaces, whether in new constructions or restoration projects: from private residential to public construction via renovation projects involving offices, schools and gyms. It's the ideal way to enhance anonymous and obsolete surfaces, with Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware restoring their personality while improving performance and cutting maintenance costs.

Bios Self Cleaning®: the porcelain stoneware tiles that reduce pollution
The large tiles from the Limpha porcelain stoneware collection uses Bios Self Cleaning® technology to reduce causes of pollution present in the air during sunlight hours, as well as working to decompose the dirt left on the surface of the tiles, thus allowing rainwater to wash the tiles clean.

In the presence of sunlight, the Bios Self-Cleaning® technology – resulting from the partnership between the Casalgrande Padana Research Centre and Toto, the world-leading sanitary ware manufacturer and pioneer in photocatalysis technology with its Hydrotec brand – allows these large slabs to reduce air pollutants and decompose dirt deposits, which are washed away from the tiles’ surface by rainwater, thanks to the superhydrophilicity of the ceramic surface. This technology draws inspiration from nature and ensures cleaner air as well as green walls without any maintenance problems.

A 1000 square metre surface covered with Bios Self-Cleaning® tiles would purify the air as much as a forest the size of a football pitch would,eliminating the nitrogen oxides given off over the course of an entire day by 70 cars.

This technology is cleared inspired by the natural world. It delivers cleaner air, enabling us to have green vertical walls without maintenance problems.

Casalgrande Padana didn’t choose the green of climbing plants as a decoration - also wanted to recreate the function performed by trees: absorbing carbon dioxide and pollution and giving off oxygen, thus making a tangible contribution to the improvement of air quality.
Casalgrande Padana’s innovative covering solutions allow us to install ceramic materials with elevated functional attributes (including large-size tiles) while at the same time boosting the thermo-hygrometric qualities of the walls.