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Casalgrande Padana for the first time will be present at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in the section S. Project, a creative and experimental workshop covering everything from interior design and covering materials to design products and decorative solutions.

Casalgrande Padana’s manufacturing technology, built on technical and entrepreneurial excellence and with a constantly close eye on research and innovation, teamed with the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship and design, has allowed us to provide a practical, effective response to the needs of contemporary design projects, taking the concept of ceramic covering materials towards new spatial dimensions and making it suitable for all fields of architectural work.

Vintage charm, randomness that becomes a distinctive feature, and technology that blends with matter to recreate old atmospheres with a contemporary twist and find a lost identity. Terrazzo is Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware tile collection that brings Italian tradition into the future. What was once a skilful mix of materials has now become a contemporary décor that evokes the original effect while ensuring excellent technical features, reliability, and durability.

The quality of their raw materials and pigments make all Casalgrande Padana collections merge perfectly into any architectural settings and their furnishings. The Terrazzo collection fits perfectly into any setting and promotes that contamination of references, images and values that has become the distinctive feature of contemporary interior design.

These tiles are extremely versatile and are suitable for residential, tertiary, public, and commercial buildings. The Terrazzo collection is available in the following sizes: 60x60, 30x60, 30x30, 37.5x75.5, and 75.5x75.5 cm, in White, Beige, Black, Pearl, and Grey.
The natural or polished finish creates a play of light that enhances the random effects of the grit flooring, making the pattern look denser or sparser in certain areas.  

Limpha is Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware tile collection that draws inspiration from climbing plants to transform wall coverings into elements of natural beauty. And now, the collection has been enriched with the new Coral Rose texture, available in the large 120x240 cm format with a 6.5 mm thickness and the natural finish.

Its wide scope of application makes the Limpha collection suitable for interiors and exteriors, new buildings and restorations alike. From private residential settings to public buildings, from the redevelopment of offices, schools, and gyms to the improvement of anonymous and obsolete volumes, the Limpha collection adds beauty and personality, improves performance, and eliminates maintenance costs.

A beautiful wall that can help improve the quality of life by reducing pollution and improving air quality. We have chosen the green of climbing plants not only as a décor but to serve as trees by absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants and releasing oxygen.
In the presence of sunlight, the Bios Self-Cleaning® technology allows the large porcelain stoneware tiles of the Limpha collection to reduce air pollutants and decompose dirt deposits, which are washed away from the tiles’ surface by rainwater, thanks to the superhydrophilicity of the ceramic surface.
Using Bios Self-Cleaning® over a façade surface of 1000 m2 purifies the air as much as a wooded area as big as a football pitch and eliminates the nitrogen oxides emitted by 70 cars throughout a day. This technology draws inspiration from nature and ensures cleaner air as well as green walls without any maintenance problems.

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware: an environmentally-friendly material
Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are made using only a few, well-balanced natural elements, such as earth, fire, air, and water. They do not contain plastic, are completely recyclable and fire-resistant, and do not release harmful substances, not even in the event of a fire. They are easily laid in any setting and are hygienic, non-allergic, odourless, antibacterial and self-cleaning (bioactive ceramics). Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are guaranteed for life and are long-lasting, unalterable, non-absorbent, and inert. They are also resistant to wear and tear, aggressive chemicals (except for hydrofluoric acid), bending, frost, heat, and extremely high temperatures.

Casalgrande Padana has always been aware of the importance of balanced growth. That’s why each stage of its production cycle pursues excellence through the use of industrial systems and sustainable environmental and energy policies. Casalgrande Padana tiles are made in a closed-loop production process, which means that any production waste, including wastewater, is treated and reused, all components are recovered, and the emissions resulting from the production process are purified through abatement systems that exploit the best technologies to comply with the limitations established by law.

Moreover, Casalgrande Padana’s environmental policy is implemented through green procurement criteria to promote the selection of sustainable suppliers and reduce the environmental impact upstream our activities and products.

All this is demonstrated by our ISO 14001, EMAS and LEED environmental certifications.

ISO 14001 certification
Casalgrande Padana was among the industry’s first companies to gain environmental awareness and focus on protecting the environment, health and safety while developing and maintaining its competitiveness on the market.

EMAS certification
The EMAS regulation has turned out to be an extraordinary voluntary tool to monitor and improve companies’ environmental performance. Casalgrande Padana’s environmental statement further demonstrates the company’s commitment. An accredited third-party verifier ensures the credibility of the entire process.

LEED certification
The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification evaluates the environmental, social and economic sustainability of buildings from their design to their everyday use through a flexible rating system that can be applied to all building types.
Given the growing interest in Italy, Casalgrande Padana has become member of Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia), the national association recognised by USGBC to promote the LEED certification in Italy.