Casalgrande Padana - RED

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As Christmas approaches, the colour red fills our cities and homes. The tradition started with Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children and the inspiration for Father Christmas, which the Dutch turned into Santa Claus and the Germans Sankt Nikolaus, Niklaher and Sanda Klaus.

Red has always been a symbol of new starts and rebirth. The red Christmas star is a reference to the birth of a new sun, as are branches of mistletoe – an evergreen shrub with substantial leaves and white berries that ripen in the Christmas period. Celtic people used to hang the branches up above their front doors, believing that mistletoe was a plant full of mystery.

The importance of red can be traced back to the early days of humanity, when man used to paint figures in black and ochre in caves. Red is the colour of love and fire, a symbol of vitality and royalty that represents heat, energy and light.

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