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Percorsi in Ceramica Tempodacqua
What do you need to raise environmental awareness?
The new issue of Percorsi in Ceramica is out. It’s the first of the 2020s, which is another reason for it to be different from all the other issues.

We won’t be talking about Casalgrande Padana or projects made with Casalgrande Padana ceramic. No, this issue is entirely dedicated to an event that focused on environmental issues.
That’s why it’s a demonstration of the company’s commitment to raising environmental awareness and, more specifically, in this case, on water.

The third Pisa Architecture Biennale took place in November. This edition curated by Alfonso Femia was dedicated to the analysis and discussion of the most dramatic and invasive aspects of climate change, i.e. lack and excess of water, and proposals to deal with them.
Casalgrande Padana has supported the ten-day Pisa Biennale and continues its commitment by dedicating its magazine’s first issue of the decade to “Tempodacqua” to help spread its message in the architecture community across Italy and Europe.

This issue of the magazine is entirely dedicated to the Biennale: its concept, the exhibition, the debates, experiences, personalities, and ideas, the future of territories and urban places and of humankind in relation with water.

This issue of Percorsi is dedicated to Casalgrande
Padana’s experience at the Pisa Architecture Biennale last
On the eve of the new decade, the event curated by
Alfonso Femia took on the task to encourage the world of
architecture to choose the right tools to design in the age
of the climate crisis.

Our aim is not to summarise the content of the event.
You can find plenty of material online, and many articles
have already been published in Italian architecture
What we want to do is explain the innovative quality of a
cultural project that has dealt with a
controversial and urgent problem.

The problem of water in the age of the climate crisis
cannot be solved with easy solutions or cover story projects.
It’s a problem that evokes disasters due to excess and
tragedies due to scarcity. That’s why it’s not appealing for
the media.

But we must deal with it.
For a long time now, Casalgrande Padana has been
making ceramic tiles using natural materials and a closedcircuit
production process, which allows for minimal
environmental impact (both in terms of manufacture and
lifespan of the products). That’s why it was only natural
for the company to join the “Tempodacqua” project to take
a step forward in understanding architecture in the age of
the climate crisis.

Casalgrande Padana’s ethical and operational approach has always revolved around environmental sustainability. This issue of Percorsi in Ceramica aims at raising awareness about climate change and promote ideas on how to deal with it using the tools of architecture.
Dedicating an entire issue of Percorsi in Ceramica to Tempodacqua is our way to arouse curiosity and spread the message of this important project to inspire new projects.
All this helps raise environmental awareness.