Cells - Ceramics for human health

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Casalgrande Padana S.p.A.
Via Statale 467, 73 - 42013 Casalgrande (RE) - Italy
Tel. +39 0522 9901
Fax. +39 0522 996121
N. Verde: 800 210311

Technology, health, and humanism. During the Milan Design Week last month, Filippo Taidelli used Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware collections in his Cells installation at the 2018 INTERNI FUORISALONE event. The wall coverings and floors of these collections are treated with Bios Antibacterial Hydrotect® to ensure impeccable hygiene and comfort.

During the Fuorisalone days, architect Filippo Taidelli from FTA showed his vision of the relationship between humans, architecture, technology, and nature in tomorrow’s hospitals. A setting to which Casalgrande Padana, who has always focused on awareness and healthy living, contributed. Cells is a sensory experience that stems from Taidelli’s past projects in the social and healthcare field, such as the Humanitas University Campus and the Humanitas San Pio X clinic in Milan.

And the collaboration between Humanitas and Casalgrande Padana was recently renewed when our Bioactive Self Cleaning and Antibacterial ceramic tiles were used for the façades of the new headquarters of the healthcare facility designed by Taidelli himself. The Bios Antibacterial HYDROTECT® treatment with noble metals provides the ceramic surfaces with excellent antibacterial properties, which make them perfect for operating theatres and hospital settings.

Taidelli’s installation consists of two glass cells of the same size but with opposite formal characteristics located in opposite corners of the Cortile dei Bagni (Bathing Courtyard), thereby creating a visual dialogue.
The cells contain two monolithic stone-like porcelain stoneware slabs, which act as stage curtains to offer different points of view of the setting in one case, and of the natural light created artificially, in the other.

More in detail, the Cells contain hexagonal grey slabs of the Pietra di Baugè collection, 120x40 polished slabs of the Travertino Titanium collection, and Bianco Vietnam tiles of the Marmoker collection used for both the walls and floors.