Cersaie 2018 - Mosaico+ celebrates its 10th anniversary with [..]

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Company details
Mosaico+ srl
via Valle d’Aosta 46,
41049 Sassuolo (MO)
tel. +39 0536 995811
fax +39 0522 990099
"Overcoming the limitations of decoration and image to become a design tool for architects and interior designers, a means for constructing a new language of refined textures, sophisticated patterns and exclusive surfaces."

Mosaico+ celebrates its tenth anniversary going far beyond anything achieved so far: both a milestone and a fresh starting-point, consistency of intent yet also a radical transformation. Mosaico+ intends to become the ideal accomplice in a new definition of space with a new logo, a new strategy and a new management, and above all a new approach to the very concept of coverings.
A well-structured, exclusive, topquality, excellent offering able to integrate on surfaces to supreme effect, to generate new urban scenarios. Shaping mosaic is the new pay-off with which Mosaico+ aims to redesign the very idea of mosaic for contemporary use, creating products and solutions that not only meet the formal demands of architectural projects but also deliver outstanding, certified performances, able to last over time.

Superseding a merely decorative role, Mosaico+ aims to respond to the project’s needs, support its specific identity, enhance the essence of materials, and also highlight original combinations, harmonious integrations and dynamic overlappings.

Colours and tactile surfaces are the key features of the first collections of the new Mosaico+, presented at the Cersaie in Bologna: no longer just decorative modules and the creation of figurative elements but rather 10 colour samples, with the material itself and its infinite vibrations of light fulfilling the decorative role.
This new design concept is central to the Diamond and Jointed collection, with which Mosaico+ enters its second decade. It does so with firm intentions, with a great legacy of consolidated know-how, and with the desire to establish even closer relations with architects by reaching beyond standard solutions and partnering them in designing a dedicated project for every specific context. Product personalisation and the customisation of solutions are two specific characteristics which mark the continuity of this new adventure, the inherited foundations that will be the core of the new Mosaico+.

Together with people, of course. The company’s fresh start involves new people and professionalisms to promote and manage change, just like Stefano Nencioni, assigned the dual role of Marketing Manager and Sales Manager. His experience with other ceramic covering industry firms, with a close focus on the role of architecture, has given him a fascination with the crosscontamination of materials and surfaces, an eagerness to support a change in direction and a complete repositioning of the brand, and the ability to establish a relationship of mutual trust with all supply chain members.
The aim is simple and clear, and the road to achieving it challenging but rewarding. To give the product added value by transforming it into a tool for architects, raising the bar and the brand’s positioning to focus on excellence and absolute quality.