Cersaie2019 - Bertocci - Casalgrande Padana - Glass Design - [..]

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Here a list of our clients partecipating at Cersaie 2019 and the info:

Hall. 30 | Stand C15-B16
Originality, materials research and high levels of customization: BERTOCCI presents 20 new different finishes for any taste. Available on every collection. 
Hall. 16 | Stand B22-C21
With CASALGRANDE PADANA the material is protagonist. Nature draws the surfaces and the random repetition of the irregular sign becomes a decoration, describing a refined texture. 
Hall 30 | Stand C28-D27
Perfect shapes and geometries, the slimmest of rims (4 mm) and endless finishes. GLASS DESIGN presents Slide and underlines its eclectic and creative identity. 

Hall 22 | Stand A128
New shapes, unusual dimensions and the research for new materials. MOSAICO + presents 4 unreleased collections designed by the art director Massimo Nadalini and the designers Marialaura Rossiello for Studio Irvine and Kensaku Oshiro. 

Hall 36 | Stand A24-B27
Hosted by Tagina, SCARABEO presents Step, the ceramic shower tray made in a single block with a thickness of 28mm that can be cut to size during installation (flush with the floor). Elegant, usable and environmental sustainable.