Donia Maaoui Boucquillon in mostra a ART WYNWOOD - MIAMI

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The gallery  Vogelsang Gallery houses DONIA MAAOUI during ART Wynwood in Miami, from February 11 to 14, 2016.

4 works of the International sculptress of Tuscan adoption are exposed and they well represent the artistic qualities of the sculptress.

- "Integration"_ h 1,50m
- "Equality" _ h 50cm
- "Liberation" _ h 60cm
- "Supplication" _ h 76cm

All the sculptures are in bronze, white painted. White represents Hope.

The ambitious owner of the Gregoire Vogelsang Gallery is a young Belgian who lives in Brussels and New York. Vogelsang only participates to the most important International fairs


Philosophy and history of the protagonist of the sculpture:

Lola lives in a golden cage from which she cannot find the strength to leave, but one day she manages to follow her own instinct and, chasing her dream of a lifetime, escapes to the Western world to recreate her life, pertinent to her own being. Lola escapes, cries, runs, lives out her own desires, listens to the voice within her soul, rediscovers the pleasure of free dialogue speaking her own mind; she throws away the mask, removing her veil and flies away towards the moonlight that seems to show her the way to freedom. She is finally happy, now she fills her lungs completely when she breathes, she reasons on a universal scale, she plans each moment of her new everday life without repression. Lola smiles with her eyes, breaking through every lock of her own padded prison, breaking through every barrier that prevented her from sharing real emotions, blasting away every wall that blocked her passage towards riappropriating her own sensorial apparatus. Now Lola lives, but she finds herself in an opposite reality: one of excessive freedom without rules that exalts consumerism of useless things and containers instead of the contents. Western society imposes different esthetic codes upon her for self-acceptance and Lola, who forgets the sacrifices she made to free herself of her previous reclusion, without realizing, confused by the blinding idea of beauty at any cost, transforms her own body with plastic surgery, losing not only her natural physical aspect but her own self in the process. Lola has passed from one prison into another and this time it will most likely be much more difficult to escape.


Maurizio Vanni

Museologue and Art Critic