After the success of Eurocucina 2018, Toncelli looks ahead!

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Company details
Viale Gramsci 19 - 56037 Peccioli (PI) - Italy
A strongly rooted production tradition, a five-year reorganization plan and new
financial resources to return to being competitive on the Italian and foreign market.

The Toncelli, historical company of the Tuscan territory, founded in 1961 and still active after over 50 years, is undoubtedly a model of productive excellence of the cuisine sector.
Evolved over time from a workshop to an industry, the company has however been able to keep intact the quality of the workings and the capacity for absolute customization on the product.
Each new collection for Toncelli represents a project that develops by doing research and innovation on every single element that composes it, from materials to design to get to functions and technology.
Matter, tradition and innovation: three values and three souls that coexist in Toncelli and have allowed the company to grow, keeping faith with its principles and values, to the point of being appreciated as manufacturing excellence all over the world.
The Toncelli stands out among those Italian companies that for mission produce - according to tradition, but innovating - in our country and are distinguished by the quality and passionate craftsmanship that they dedicate to the product.
A production company that has contributed to creating the Made in Italy brand and exporting it all over the world as a synonym of excellence, transposing all Italian values of taste, balance and refinement in products.
Today Toncelli turns its gaze to the future with a team that has been enriched by some key figures.
A new financing partner, a new CEO and a five-year reorganization plan: the 'vision' of the Lorenzo Toncelli brand since June 2018 has in fact merged with the experience of Alessandro Pezzoli and the character of Matteo Pinciroli of K Capital Ltd.
Now everything is ready for a new and important journey that starts from Italy, from the value of the experience radicalized in our business history and the ability to innovate, while maintaining its identity and adapting itself to a market that is constantly evolving.
The strategic vision of Toncelli is, as always, clear and precise and affirms its value and constant and extensive presence throughout the market.
Research, development, service and a lot of passion for the Italian manufacture of excellence.