Formitalia and the Trunk Furniture passion

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Company details
Palazzo Nasi Piazza dei Mozzi 4
50125 Firenze Italy
ph. +390573 790066 fax: +390573 734332
Luxury, excellent quality and originality, they have always characterised Formitalia production; today this production is expressed by means of two new offers in order to surprise the ordinary imagery which considers trunks just as items meant “to travel” or as containers placed in areas that are hardly visible from your house.
Formitalia re-elaborates the idea of trunk, it covers it with exclusive hides, with refined details and offers it as a new furniture accessory, beautiful to be seen, charming and practical depending on the different typologies of use conceived by Formitalia.

Trunk Bar

It is a refined and versatile cocktail cabinet, equipped with grids and bottle racks, with glass holders, with drawers, with shelves which turn into an ashtray, with openable top and with an efficient refrigerated space.
It is an extra luxury solution conceived for those who love good drinking and made of solid oak and covered with a very refined Croco leather with finishing made of golden metal. Since it is placed on adjustable wheels, it is possible to move it inside your house easily and cleverly.
Sizes: cm 61x91x154h

Trunk Wardrobe

It is a small, elegant and essential wardrobe to all intents and purposes, it has a frame made of solid oak externally covered with Napa leather with quilting and details made of metal with golden finishing.
Inside it offers two wide open shelves, five drawers in different sizes covered with Croco leather and a wide compartment equipped with garment hanger. It is placed on two wheels and it is possible to move it in an extremely simple way.
Sizes: cm 57x68xH154