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Company details
Glass Design srl
Via Limitese, 122/124
50053 Vinci (FI) Italy
Tel. +39 0571 902311
Fax +39 0571 902312
The symbiotic relationship between classical engraving and design innovation has created a basin that is luxurious, tantalising and magnificent.

This is SCENIC RAMADA, the new Glass Design ‘jewel’, infused with a sense of drama and characterised by that purity inherent in its material and craftsmanship.

Fashioned from 24% lead-crystal in an exclusive Ruby Red, SCENIC RAMADA features a beveled edge with diamond cuts, strategically placed to conjure up a captivating interplay of light and reflection.

Crystal tap handles are also available in matching ruby red: LYRIC RAMADA (Dornbracht compatible)

Washbasin size Ø x 44.5 h. 13.3 - weight 9 Kg