Green and hyper functional: Domino bedrooms are the contempo [..]

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Via G. Amendola 25
TEL. +39.0442.333219
FAX +39.0442.330694

Domino bedrooms are produced by Modo10 using the Canaletto walnut. This project is characterised by a patented original design and consists of the Butterfly bed, the Domino bedside tables and chest of drawers, it is enriched by front mirrors and completed by Domino large mirrors.

The Company pays a great attention to the selection of natural and top-quality essences and materials to ensure a complete comfort and a good rest. Comfortable beds to regenerate your body, beautiful and functional bedside tables and chests of drawers for a perfect order.

Finally, the wardrobes: systems to organize spaces and garments which are carefully studied both for their appearance and for their functionality, they are very adaptable to personal needs.
Formal simplicity and productive quality are the distinguishing marks of this collection which represents the greatest tradition of Italian furniture makers, in line with a contemporary taste and the flexibility of today’s
home spaces.
All the items of this collection are hand made at the MODO10 factories using top quality raw materials and finished with water based or natural oil-based painting