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This september we inaugurate a new and fascinating journey into the world of the Florentine craftsmanship, rich in history and unique and precious manufacturing: a unique cultural identity, related to the ancient Tuscan art, antique and crafts world.

We are very happy to start a new project of collaboration with the Florentine company Il Bronzetto, founded in 1963 and specialized in the production of furniture and lighting accessories in brass and bronze.

Who are they and what do they do?

Founded b
y Antonio Calcinai in Florence in 1963, Il Bronzetto takes place in the historic Oltrarno district, an area rich of history, tradition and a unique cultural identity, which for centuries has been kept alive by Florentine families who own ateliers, craft shops, art galleries, antique shops and commercial activities related to the art, antique and craft world, transmitted from generation to generation. With a strong family and traditional imprint, today the company is led by the brothers Simone and Pierfrancesco and by their cousin Michelangelo.

Over the generations they have managed to unite and develop the passion and traditional Florentine artisan vision with an ever greater awareness and attention to technological research, gradually introducing new processes and responding to the growing demands of the international market, especially the US one, made up of private clients, architects and retailers.


Even for this reason, in 2014 Il Bronzetto launched Brass Brothers & co., a more contemporary and design focused brand of furniture accessories and lamps, which combines a renewed use of materials and shapes and the memory and knowledges of the last century. The result is a contemporary line of objects with audacious and bright colours and a vintage mood, perfect for young and contemporary spaces, in which craftsmanship and a design coexist. 

Today Il Bronzetto is no longer a craft workshop, but it’s a company capable of carrying out special and custom-made projects, real strength and core business of the company. The brand produces unique objects based on the customer's design, adapting to the different requests as well as to the evolution in the world of lighting and furniture. The products customization and the tailor-made manufacturing realized through the In Bottega service are carefully followed with high professionalism and accuracy by the company's highly specialized team, starting from the design to the creation of the final product with attention to the smallest details, supporting customers and designers step by step.


Il Bronzetto narrates the story of Florentine bronze masters capable of combining creativity and high professionalism, result of long experience and a thorough knowledge of the materials and their processing. A wide range of products (lighting, tables, handles, accessories for the bathroom, accessories for fireplaces etc.) running from a classic style to a more modern one up to contemporary design, trying to answer to market trends and customer needs.