IVV H&T: Fall Winter 2017 News

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For the next Fall-Winter 2017/2918 season, IVV makes us a present of the wonder and the preciousness of a glass which is made more and more exclusive by matching it with gold, silver and copper.
From the reassessment of historical collections to the development of new lines, the common thread is the refinement of manufacturing which matches the minimal transparency of glass, in different shapes and in different items, and noble metals to have a really unique and special effect.  
Table shines, rooms sparkle: rooms are dressed up with new garments as it is for special occasions. IVV H&T is the star.

It's Christamas time at IVV!
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
(Norman Vincent Peale)

Christmas is for IVV the very special celebration that dresses up the house with warm and sparkling colours and precious decorations in order to make it an intimate and festive place that reflect desires and expectations of any of us.
Clear-cut collections, made of handcrafted and hand-decorated glass, that stand out for their versatility, their enveloping and contemporary forms and for the purity of the raw material.
And here it is the added value: since 1952 IVV has chosen to decorate domestic spaces with glass elements, blown with everlasting passion and the curiosity to reach variety in always new forms and colours of the glass and in the stability of human values. Our history is based on work, creativity, enterprise and coherence.


Collection in clear glass with gold decoration
Sparkling and precious bubbles. Golden plays of light shine on the glass transparencies for an impeccable and elegant table.  It is a collection for the table made of decorated glass, designed for a really special setting up.

Collection in clear glass with gold decoration
Elegant furniture details. The vertical appearance is enhanced by putting on golden and copper threads, creating sophisticated and trendy home décor items.
Vases, but not only vases: lamps as well for this new line by IVV which is distinguished by its clean shapes and complete decoration. It is a collection made of transparent and decorated glass.

Collection in clear and decorated glass

Sculpted in glass, the natural cycle lives on eternally in the leaves impressed on this line of decorative objects. The colour hearkens back to the passing of the seasons.

Collection in clear glass with decoration

Sinuous shapes, dressed in trasparent cashmere or embellished by the gold of handmade adornments. Hints of far-away countries with a contemporary twist.

Collection in clear glass

The appeal of IVV Style. This centrepiece expands the range of this unmistakable design. A timeless classic.

Collection in clear and decorated glass

Perfect for special occasions. A kaleidoscope of happiness with playfull messages and atmospheric decorations. And the party has started!

Collection in decorated glass

Hints of platinum. Soft and natural shapes, precious in their purity with a luminous game of reflection adorn the home.