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Company details
Rubinetterie Zazzeri S.p.A. - Frazione Burchio, N° 55
50064 Incisa Val d'Arno - (Firenze) - Italia
Tel. 39.055.696051 - Fax 39.055.696312 -
Design Fabrizio Batoni
On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Rubinetterie Zazzeri, the project JK21 comes alive: a charming new interpretation of the futuristic project JUNKO MIX the Japanese designer Junko Enomoto carried out in the 70s.

An iconic, extremely versatile, refined and technologically advanced collection which shows many of the values that Zazzeri has built during its 90-year-old activity. It is an innovative project that only a company which has a long and rich history behind it could conceive and carry out by modelling its style up to a dizzying effect.

Inspired by the lines of the JUNKO MIX (*) series which, in 1977, deeply modernized the sector of the bathroom fittings with an unusual proposal both for its design and its technology, JK21 reinterprets its lines in a contemporary way offering a classic and balanced style, which is rooted in the innovative tradition of the brand which, this year, celebrates its first ninth anniversary.

The materical contaminations identify JK21 as an extremely original and functional collection, that perfectly fits with any kind of environment: from a professional contract field to a more private sphere, this series reveals a marked vocation to reach the highest level of elegance for luxury interiors.

The choice of the material reveals the modern technological soul of JK21: this time stainless steel AISI 316L is employed challenging the intrinsic difficulties of its making because it is applied to sinuous, prismatic, smooth and definite forms without, at the same time, giving up the accurate, essential and simple style only this material is able to achieve by means of cold mechanical processing.

JK21 shows a deep respect for the environment because it is conceived not only to reduce water consumption, but also to be a product designed to last for long. Steel, in fact, is a material known for being highly resistant to corrosion, it is definitely solid, it does not interact with the environment and has marked hygienic qualities, too.

The classic style and the modern spirit of the collection are emphasized not only by the brushed version of steel but also by several PVD finishing, in the Carbon, Antracite, Bronzorame, Rame, Cognac and Orobianco versions which complete the offer with some covering which enhance the already excellent qualities of this material. They give it colour characteristics which make it be suitable for timeless places and satisfy your eyes.

The handle of the product, which reminds the form of a capital, is handy and ergonomic; it offers the user the chance to customize the product by choosing a wide range of decorative inserts made of different materials and finishing: PVD or lacquered steel in the following colours White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Blue-green and Coral red in the bright and matted versions, and natural stones such as Carrara white marble, Marquinia black marble and classic travertine which further embellish the strong and distinctive nature of the collection.

Each product bends to the individual style of the person who chooses it, satisfying her/his uniqueness by means of additional actions as well, such as the engraving of the pin with personal graphic signs.

The “capital” line of the handle and the prismatic shape of the delivery nozzle, which reminds an upside-down “Z”, characterize each element of this collection, from the numerous typologies of taps to the several versions of showers, clearly showing that JK21 is wellness oriented.

JK21 is an extremely versatile collection, capable of harmonically connecting to any living space. Thanks to its simple line and architectural robustness, this series is suitable for both professional and private environments. Coming with many different functional and aesthetics solutions, JK21 is the ideal choice to furnish any typology of bathroom space with personality and elegance.

(*) Designed in 1977, JUNKO MIX was born from the collaboration in between Rubinetterie Zazzeri and the Japanese designer Junko Enomoto. The project launched on the market the opportunity to use just one hand and one gesture to have water available in the quantities and at the temperatures you wanted for the first time: the single lever tap was created, setting the creativity free to generate the new taps shapes we actually know.

“Losing your past means losing your future” (Wang Shu)

“For me Junko Mix was a source of inspiration, I wanted to reinterpret a past project in a modern way and JK21 was conceived by reworking the form and the functionality. It is an ambitious project which goes beyond the ordinary nature and the repetitiveness.
Taking advantage of the know-how of Zazzeri, of its highly skilled workforce together with sophisticated technologies, the JK21 collection is fully made of steel. It was a complex and exciting challenge which, after a long and well-developed path, lead us to obtain forms characterized by strong personalities which are distinguished by their formal refinement and the painstaking care for details.
The material contaminations make JK21 be elegantly adaptable to any place. Stone, different finishing and colours create colour effects with steel and give their contribution to customize all the forms of this series. The simple countertop tap, the wall mounted one, the short and long docciotto (shower) and the system of telescopic showers are the most representative shapes of the JK21 series. JK21 is fully made in Italy, manufactured in Italy with Italian supply chains and workforces, a trademark for Zazzeri.”

Arch. Fabrizio Batoni