K-array - RAIL: light track with integrated invisible audio [..]

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Company details
Via Paolina Romagnoli 17
50038 - Scarperia e San Piero a Sieve
Firenze - Italy

Tel: +39 055-8487222
RAIL is a new light track with integrated invisible audio technology and high performance lighting in one sensorial design element.

The RAIL is a 1.2-meter line of warm, homogeneous LED by NICHIA from Japan with full-range cone drivers. Designed by Tuscan manufacturers K-array, the RAIL comes with a host of options to adapt to a variety of needs and applications such as contemporary offices, hotels, retail, showrooms, residential projects, luxury yachts and cruise ships.

“Too often architects think of light first and foremost when designing rooms instead the diffusion of audio,” -  says Andrea Torelli, Marketing Communications Manager of K-array. - “To have a homogeneous and a pleasant living environment, both elements are necessary. We are pleased to be able to bring a product on the market that guarantees both functions with exceptional performance.”
"RAIL has been designed to meet the needs of architects and installers who try to impress their customers with highly technological scenographic solutions and quality performances,” - says Stefano Zaccaria, VP of Sales & Marketing of K-array. -RAIL is perfect for installations in typical environments like retail, corporate, yachting and in the luxury markets. The infinite installation options, the excellent combined size-weight ratio and the delicate balance between durable materials and advanced technology make RAIL an indispensable solution".
RAIL provides a selection of direct light distribution:

  • Symmetric, for light spread equally in all directions;
  • Asymmetrical, for light directed to one side of the vertical plane;
  • Mini Spot, for a fixed spotlight;
  • Electrified Track, which are adjustable magnetic spotlights.

Indirect lighting is also available to provide a unique solution for integrators and designers when both quality sound and light are essential without compromise.

Rail is part of K-array’s new division called KSCAPE which aims to harmonize multiple functions in one product to provide architects and designers with a single solution that merges senses. It will be led by Thomas Riby who returns to the Tuscan based company after 5 years.

“I jumped at the chance to return to K-ARRAY after a long stint in luxury and hospitality because when Alex and the team show their true talents of innovation, it’s impossible not to seize the moment and be a part of the journey. We know exactly where we can place RAIL and the interest surrounding the concept has been encouraging at this early stage" - says Thomas Riby. -  I am looking forward to this new frontier”.