Casalgrande Padana honoured by British press

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Casalgrande Padana has scooped yet more awards, confirming the company’s excellence in the field of design and their ability to meet the needs of contemporary architecture by proposing some truly innovative solutions. FX Magazine awarded prizes to 5+1 AA’s Marseille Docks and Diamante Boa projects, the latter of which is a ceramic covering specially designed for a residential complex in Brescia.

The FX Interior Design Awards are a prestigious date in the architecture and design calendar, with the 2016 edition marking the ceremony’s 25th anniversary. It was an important milestone for the awards, organised by British magazine FX, which tasked the 22-strong international judging panel with selecting the best design projects in the world. The awards are divided into two broad categories: the first includes architecture and construction projects, comprising public spaces, hotels, retail, multi-functional spaces and other categories, while the second is all about innovative products in categories such as lighting, surfaces, flooring and more.

The awards ceremony was held on 30 November at the exclusive Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane.
The winner of the Global Project category was none other than the renovation of the Marseille Docks, by the 5+1 AA architectural studio. The Docks is a complex project, with the space serving a multitude of functions thanks to the presence of shops, restaurants, services and exhibitions spaces. The star of the show is the ceramic covering designed in collaboration with Casalgrande Padana, with the finished product creating a modern decorative effect which emphasises the design of the buildings and courtyards. The design team’s concept was to use the colour of the ceramics to denote the separation between the various public and private spaces, with Casalgrande Padana’s products helping to forge a new identity for the complex. The project has restored the bond between the docks, the city and the sea, with the ceramic covering combining high performance with expressive quality. The panel’s comments are the perfect synthesis of why the project works so well: “Craft and material from Italy and France combine to celebrate the docks and their history.” With seven shades of blue used and 950 ceramic tiles designed by one hand, we can only agree with the panel’s definition.

There was another win to come, this time in the Surfaces category, where Diamante Boa – a 3D ceramic covering again designed by Casalgrande Padana in collaboration with 5+1 AA and used in a residential complex in Brescia – prevailed. The distinctive diamond shape and dark green colour of each piece creates a stunning relationship between the surface itself and the light, with the way the observer perceives the covering changing according to the time of day. The result is truly dynamic, despite the simplicity of the lines, which emphasises the division and repetition of the pattern while playing on the contrast between old and new, simplicity and urban renaissance. The sparkling, 3D-effect surface adds a touch of magic – a sense of the unexpected – to the project, as the panel alluded to: “This 3D material is remarkably ambidextrous, responding to the vertical and horizontal and letting light play to add a de light to a design that is actually very brutal”.

These two awards are further confirmation of Casalgrande Padana’s skill in interacting with designers and architects to come up with the best solution for the requirements at hand. It’s an ability which makes Casalgrande Padana an unrivalled partner in the world of contemporary architecture.