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Company details
Marioni s.r.l. - Via G.Giusti 199, 50041 Calenzano Firenze Italy  
Ph.+39-0558879346 (6 Lines) Fax +39-0558877517
Design Piero Angelo Orecchioni
“There is a missed opportunity in everyone’s past” - G. Agamben - 
Marioni with Notorious confirms his graphic and strongly identitary research, proposing once again collections rich in materials and quotations that bring together the Hollywoodian imagination and the contemporary. Several mentions that the Arch. Piero Angelo Orecchioni quotes in these new creations: from the majestic scenographies of the Egypt of vintage movies such as Cleopatra by Cecil B. Demille, which mixes the archaic to signs, very modern at that time, connected to the American Art Deco, to the particularity of this in including tropical and symbolic elements in the decorations, to Brutalism up to the Postmodern current of the eighties.

“There is a missed opportunity in everyone’s past”: this is the theme that links the projects of the different collections and, therefore, the intention to trigger time to time memories free to evoke, embrace signs related to the past, other places, other ages, strong that all this generates the unexpected, making the present even more alive and rich.


The "PALM" collection includes a series of pieces of furniture that recall the seaside architecture of the years ’30-’40. As in an ancient writing code, geometric signs in plan become precious modular ceramic elements, brass frames, lacquered wood tops and glasses that composed and overlap, creating tables consoles and bookcases of different heights and sizes, customizable in the finishes and in colors.

Common construction features: Lacquered wood top with brushed brass structure. Two-colored glazed ceramic supports, extra-clear glass

Measures: coffee table cm h.50x150x50 - Bookcase cm h.180x180x40


"WING" is a modular line of upholstered furniture composed of separate elements and an enveloping shape with a strongly characterized back that opens and welcomes the seat like under the protection of a large wing, also this as a recurring element of the American Art Deco iconography. The artisan mastery is able to overlap distinct elements that allow you to create different and unexpected combinations of colors with customized fabrics.

Common construction features: Padding in differentiated density polyurethane, cotton velvet lining, brushed brass feet

Measures: 4-seater sofa (cm. 280) - 3/4 seater sofa (cm. 230) - 3-seater sofa (cm. 180)