Marioni - Edison

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Company details
Marioni s.r.l. - Via G.Giusti 199, 50041 Calenzano Firenze Italy  
Ph.+39-0558879346 (6 Lines) Fax +39-0558877517
Designstudio & Marioni
Creativity and artisan skills give life to Edison series (by Marioni), a collection of lamps that takes its name from the inventor of the incandescent light bulb.

Edison is the synthesis of archetypal shapes of old bulbs, revisited in a contemporary product "off-scale", a celebration of tradition and know-how.

Habits of the past and present coexist in a light bulb with low energy consumption, in which the light filaments of the past are now replaced by an incandescent source and evoked through a brass frame that strongly connotes the product.

The Edison series is available in four different shapes, each of which can be combined with a cap made of ceramic with various finishes: Cream - Grey - Celadon - Rust - White chrome wire - Black gold wire. The curved rod finishes are: Gold - Nickel - Nickel Black.

The simple and straightforward design makes it ideal for creating multiple compositions to great effect. Wall and floor lamp solutions are also available in the small version.

The product is entirely Made in Tuscany.