Marioni - News Salone del Mobile 2017

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Company details
Marioni s.r.l. - Via G.Giusti 199, 50041 Calenzano Firenze Italy  
Ph.+39-0558879346 (6 Lines) Fax +39-0558877517
Design La Récréation

“Baia” is an innovative proposal for the living room. It is the sectional sofa designed by La Récréation for Marioni. Original and strong creative-imprint, it is a perfect choice of furniture for a dynamic style and refined at the same time. To be used as modular units or single elements. Furthermore, the use, for the base, of a particular material such as ceramics, allows to customize the sofa up to the minimum detail.
Dimensions: Module Right cm 78x186x93 - Module Left cm 78x137x181 – Armchair cm 78x68x88
Design La Récréation

“Carousel” is a collection of side tables designed by La Récréation and produced by Marioni and created to be coupled with the sofas and the armchair "Baia" or, alternatively, as a single element of furniture. Their brushed brass frame supports and wraps the top composed by glass and ceramic elements. Customization is at its best with a variety of color combinations of the two materials.
Dimensions: cm 45x135x90 – cm 45x90x90 – cm 45x90x45

Notorious Collection
Design Studio 63

The “Vivien” collection is one of the new proposals of NOTORIOUS born from the partnership Studio 63-Marioni.  The materials used are brushed brass and glass. The lamps create a unique atmosphere both in domestic spaces and in professional studios thanks to their visual effect that gives a warm image of exclusive luxury.
Dimensions: Wall lamp cm 64x40x18 Lighting source 1 led (10W) – Suspension cm 85x35x35 Lighting source Strip Led (60W)
Notorious Collection
Design Studio63

The Notorious collection designed Marioni - Studio63 inspired by the taste of the years 40's interior, is enriched with new accessories projecting in Hollywood atmosphere where the charm and style are intertwined with the beauty.
“Debbie” is an elegant bookcase characterized by intriguing geometric shapes. Presents, in fact, a metal structure where diamond-shaped drawings connected by fine marble elements stand out. The base and the top are made with Ebony veneer, also available in lacquered Black or opaque Rosewood.
Dimensions: cm H. 200x45x161 and H. 200x85x45.
Notorious Collection
Design Studio63

“Tyron” is an inedited collection of original and refined tables characterized by a strong material component that is identified in the pleasant combination of different materials.
The rectangular top is in lacquered wood with brushed brass inserts. The lower supports, in addition to being of different shape and positioned in a perpendicular way, are one in thick metal flat bar and the other in metal-framed marble.
Also available in Ebony and Rosewood veneer, the “Tyron” set can be dining, coffee table and console.
Dimensions: Dining table cm H: 75x220x110 Coffee table cm H. 45x120x120
Notorious Collection
Design Studio63

The line “Gary” of Notorious collection is enriched of two coffee tables and a console. A light brushed brass structure holds up two high-impact materials like marble and glass. They represent the perfect fusion between artistic craftsmanship and contemporary design.
Dimensions: Coffee tables cm 40x52x52 and cm 55x52x52 – Consolle cm 80x130x40