Mosaico+ presents his new brand image at FuoriSalone019

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Company details
Mosaico+ srl
via San Lorenzo 58/59
42013 Casalgrande (RE)
tel. +39 0522 990011
fax +39 0522 990099

Mosaico+ is back to the FuoriSalone but in a totally different way to presents its new brand image and mood through JOINTED and DIAMOND, the new collections that well represent the overcoming of the traditional concept of décor and mosaic, extending the material’s expressive potentials.

The company chose a special location that has always been a reference point for architects and designers, a place that succeeded in well integrating a furniture and accessories store with a spaces dedicated to design: the Agape12 concet store.


A series that offers infinite combinations, an invaluable tool for architects and interior designers, for defining the identity of a surface, highlighting the architectural and spatial features of an interior, or telling a story with the aid of graphic signs and paths which render it unique.

Both JOINTED and DIAMOND mosaics are produced in bright, luminous, artistic cathedral glass, thinner than other types. This artistic glass can be coloured with full tone and plain hues or can have a shaded and veined appearance, to enhance the material’s vibrancy.