Mosaico+ BOTANIC TALE discloses CUFRA

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Company details
Mosaico+ srl
via Valle d’Aosta 46,
41049 Sassuolo (MO)
tel. +39 0536 995811
fax +39 0522 990099
Rich and high customizable mosaics, versatile and contemporary decorations…
with Mosaico+ 
there's no limits to imagination.

Displayed at Cersaie_2017 within Botanc Tale collection, CUFRA is the collection that reinterprets the classical definition of “natural décor”, halfway between reality and imagination.
Thanks to modular patterns and chips in the 10x10 mm size, able to adapt to surfaces of all sizes, CUFRA defines the space with subtle harmony and surprising energy and vitality, in a tale of light, natural beauty and emotion.
Amazing shapes, colour and tones effects, light and never unnatural decorations allow our mind to take wind to a world of boundless images and primordial feelings where the bright shine and richness of mosaics come to life.

This is one definition of mosaic: an art which is both ancient and modern, patient and silent, which uses fresh aesthetic codes to express natural beauty sublimated into rich, exquisite compositions, a graceful, attractive accompaniment to our daily lives. This way, thanks to glazes and glasses with different levels of transparency and iridescence and thanks to the artistic and computerized mosaic technique, Mosaico+ underlines the preciousness and tactile beauty of natural amorphous forms. A wide project built around nature, with respect for its most profound identity. Creations that will take your breath away.