A new combination of materials and colours with CROMIE by Mo [..]

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Company details
Mosaico+ srl
via Valle d’Aosta 46,
41049 Sassuolo (MO)
tel. +39 0536 995811
fax +39 0522 990099

The full, materical and iridescent colors of the collections Aurore, Vetrina, Concerto, Perle, Doro and Tanticolori, each with their own identity, blend together to extend the expressive potential of the material. Mosaico+ creates CROMIE, the collection characterized by creativity and dynamism, that inspire surprising materical and chromatic compositions limited only by imagination. 
All the distinctive features of the collections are expressed and enhanced by the complex mix of the mosaic: from the material appeal of gold to the transparency of glass, from the richness of colour of the most plastic materials to the luminous iridescence of the most precious stones, where the total opacity blends into translucent parts.

CROMIE offers a very rich chromatic palette subdivided by shades that offers an almost infinite personalization: thanks to that anyone will be able to find the ideal combination of colour and material. Square chips, mixed together in varying quantities and random layout and different sizes: 10×10, 15×15, 20×20mm. The mixtures and compositions create original polychrome surfaces, each different in tactile appeal and bearing the signature style of the collection it was born of.
With its unlimited series of combinations, CROMIE offers itself to architects and interior designers as an invaluable tool to define the identity of a surface and enhance the architectural and spatial features, to create innovative projects with a rich and natural appearance.

Technical notes
Blends of square chips in varying quantities featuring a random layout from the Aurore, Vetrina, Concerto, Perle, Doro and Tanticolori collections. Chips are 4 mm thick and measure 10×10, 15×15 and 20×20mm and are mounted on fiberglass to form a sheet of 327x327 mm in which the chips are about 2 mm apart.