Mosaico+ STICKS - Unusual shapes and innovative materials

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Unusual shapes, unusual card sizes and the search for innovative materials.

Mosaic is fundamental matter broken down into
small pieces which create seamless surfaces, in
which the multiple joints are incorporated into the
pattern and unite rather than dividing the chips.
Solid colors consist of different materials or the
same material finished in different ways.
Each material responds different to the light,
depending on its matt or glossy finish, tactile
surface, texture, etc.
Solid colors subdivide into the 10 color families.

Mosaico + aims to investigate the meaning of the word "mosaic" in broader, more contemporary terms. Mosaic is transformed into pattern, where pieces we perceive as small are processed, subdivided and modified and finally multiplied until it is completely integrated with what were once the joints between pieces, in a seamless surface.
The crucial new features include the potential for using mosaic on the floor as well as on other surfaces, thanks to the introduction of porcelain stoneware, very resistant and withstand foot traffic material.

Massimo Nadalini, art director of Mosaico +, designed STICKS, the very first porcelain stoneware collection of the company; a system of matter + texture + sizes + colors that allows you to personalize as much as possible every floor and wall surface. The great novelty deriving from the use of porcelain stoneware consists in fact in the possibility of applying this mosaic also to the floor, a possibility which, due to its resistance, will considerably develop the use of mosaic in many realizations. Sticks is composed by a "basic stick" which measures 5x3 cm, and is available in 2 variants: SMOOTH (in which a very subtle texture gives the material a hand-crafted air) and MIX (a random assortment of 3 different textures). The “sticks”, boxed as loose pieces, can be used exactly as preferred, to create infinite installation solutions.
To expand even more the possible use of the collection, the sticks are subdivided several times into smaller sizes (1x3 cm and 1x10 cm) and mesh-mounted, completely transforming the initial surface.

The designer affirm: "I worked by subtraction, seeking simple changes which would modify the perception of the entire finished surface.”

The Sticks are conceived to enable its use as a universal flooring surface (both indoor and outdoor), in combination with every Mosaico+ collection, thanks to the aesthetic characteristics of its colours and sizes.
Sticks is made from slabs of pressed material cut into the various collection sizes, with different surface finishes.

Available tones: Plaster, Clay, Smoke, Coal.