Product news and a new project for Bertocci at Cersaie 2019

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Between tradition and innovation: the productive quality of Bertocci’s bathroom
accessory speaks the language of design.
A very important edition, this just concluded, for Bertocci that celebrates its 90th anniversary with a new production brand and with the winning of the ADI @ Cersaie Award for the design of the new collections.
On the occasion of the Bolognese fair, Bertocci presented the new production brand
'Officina Bertocci' which from now on will represent, with those collections that will be
collected under this name, the two souls of the Company: the original one, made of
authentic 'craftsmanship' and passion for 'doing things well' and the one gained over time, but essential, made of innovation, research and creativity
The two aspects act in synergy to create new collections that stand out for being minimal and functional, produced with high quality materials and with refined and guaranteed processes.
OFFICINA 1 and OFFICINA 2 are the result of the collaboration between Bertocci and the Architect Luigi Fragola: the designer developed these two series starting from an
immediate and democratic, but extremely functional, design and has therefore relied on the "healthy" craftsmanship of which Bertocci has witnessed for 90 years.
OFFICINA 01: Design by Luigi Fragola
A complete set of bathroom accessories that connotes for its original texture: the knurling. The process of knurling is common in the tool industry and consists in
the engraving of one part of the metal surface of a tool in order to get the featuring decorative sequence. Usually this kind of process it is made on small surfaces, being
very difficult to apply to large surfaces. Bertocci in his 'Officina' has managed to create this collection that does not present any kind of welding and is therefore done in the old way. Officina 1 is aesthetically a series of undeniable value, made with a noble metal like aluminium coming from recycling sources. The series consists of various pieces such as the soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, container, magnifying mirror, robe hook, roll holder, towel rail and toilet brush holder: it is offered in various finishes such as the classic Chrome, the new one Dark Bronze and the elegant Black Matt.
OFFICINA 02: Design by Luigi Fragola
A new series born in workshop , elegant and minimal enough to adapt to all tastes and any type of bathroom. It consists of 30 elements and can be composed in 64 different ways thanks to the 6 shelves in corian with different sizes. Individual needs of the end user always come satisfied by the compositional dynamism that characterizes the series. It has not been so easy to perform certain workings on 6x6 thickness bars such as those that make up Officina 02: the risk that in the welding phase they bend is very high, but the capacity of Bertocci has allowed to go beyond this limit with excellent results. Modularity and flexibility are the imperatives of the proposed solutions.
COLLECTION MOON: The new shapes and the new ladder – Design PhiCubo
Moon is a series that Bertocci has exported throughout the world. Iconic Award winner stands out to be functional and full of style at the same time. Elegant synthesis of shapes and profiles comes from the game of joints and overlapping shapes on which it dominates that one of the circle. The new pieces that become part of the collection are the towel holders and the toilet roll holders as well astoilet brush holder in addition to towel racks. Original and versatile, the ladder have from two to four bars and are made of metal rod proposed in various finishes, from the most classic to the most trendy: these ladders are structured and resistant to use representing a real furnishing elements that personalize the bathroom thanks to a design all the time functional.