New Sinks for 2017

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50050 Stabbia - Cerreto Guidi (FI) - Italy
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The attention focuses on the presentation of new projects in 2017 originated from the
creativity of Paolo Ulian, Moreno Ratti, Silvia Nerbi, Andrea Bogazzi and Ivano Vianello
(these designers collaborated for the first time with antoniolupi) besides the consolidated partnership with Nevio Tellatin and Mario Ferrarini.
The guiding thread of all Antoniolupi projects is elegance and the unique style of all its
new products.

antoniolupi more and more towards the project
antoniolupi constantly dedicates its work to architecture and design. The company  offers to architects and customers a very punctual service in addition to a precise and  reliable support

Designed by Francesca Braga Rosa and Ivano Vianello
A simple stainless steel folded sheet is the source of inspiration for this project. The  sink is composed by only one stainless steel sheet which has been cut, folded and welded. A lower drain completes the object. Its wall installation confers to this product lightness and minimalism.
Lavandino is encased in the wall – only the folded steel sheet discloses its presence. It’s fixed on the wall with a structure that serves as template for the finish and as location for the tap’s cartridge. A magnetic door prepared for the tap completes the object.

Design Nevio Tellatin
Slot is a sink made of Corian presented in 2002. It redefinied the archetype of its purely functional component of the project, transforming it into a compositional tool, marks the beginning of a new path, that of absolute minimalism.
Slot, icon of minimalism in bathroom furnishing, becomes a small architecture with W_SLOT. The plasticity of solids and voids matches the rationality and the essential sign of the drawing perfectly distinguishable in Slot sink.
Clean, essential, rigorous, modern. In one word Slot. Corian as a material of choice with its uniform whiteness and silky surface to touch, such as the design rule to follow. Net shapes, square lines, sharp edges and width of the borders but total absence of drain, overflow, of all that can somehow confuse the perfect aesthetics of the object. It remains a slit, a cut in the rear part of the basin, a thin opening that runs along the whole development of the basin and accommodates the water through the imperceptible inclination of the bottom, hiding the integrated siphon. The technical parts are invisible, water flows along a linear slot, the sink image remains clean, absolute, essential.