Officine Gullo - Complete Kitchens Projects

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Company details
Via della Torricella 29 - 50012 - Antella (Firenze) Italy
Tel. +39 055 6560324 – Fax + 39 055 620670
A selection of the most prestigious kitchens
Officine Gullo is the synthesis of a special meeting between traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation.
From this meeting come seductive atmospheres and a unique fusion of retro style and contemporary spirit. When the craftsmanship meets the most modern technology and more sophisticated cooking elements, the result is a tailormade product, thought to satisfy the particular needs of the owner and therefore unique. Every kitchen is fully customizable in terms of composition, size, colors and finishes. Exclusive items of furniture are created thanks to the
professionalism of the technical department of the company which is the interpreter of the wishes and culinary habits of the future owner. Every detail, even the height of the tops and cabinetries, are calibrated according to the measures of those who will daily live the kitchen. These are the Officine Gullo kitchens, where details are the added value. From the choice of the most noble materials, such as high tick stainless steel to burnished copper, cast iron and forged metal, to get to the most cutting edge technology that characterizes the wide range of professional cooking
accessories for the built-in hobs and the cooking suites: lava stone grill, smooth and grooved griddles, pastacooker/steamer, deep fryer, cast iron coup de feu and induction cooktops. The collection is completed by high power burners in solid brass with power up to 10 kW and multifunction and ventilated built-in ovens in stainless steel. Cooking at home with the techniques and tools of the greatest chefs: Officine Gullo makes this wish come true.