Officine Gullo - The professional cooking suite P70 Greenery [..]

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Cooking at home using the tools of catering, those of main award winning chefs. This is the gamble of Officine Gullo and the secret of its success.

Officine Gullo presents a professional cooking suite ( p.70 cm., l. 168 cm) equipped with:
  • two professional steel ovens (one gas, one static electric), compatible with Gastronorm tray standards;
  • cooking top with high-efficiency burners with up to 7,5 kW of output power in solid brass.

The structure is is built upon 3 mm-thick steel plates, “matt Greenery” finish and finished with chrome plated brass details.

As for all Officine Gullo creations, the composition of the cooking suites can be completely customized, from the size to the composition of the hob, from the incision on the knobs or the color that can be selected from the entire RAL range.