Officine Gullo presents the new cooking appliances FIORENTIN [..]

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Via della Torricella 29 - 50012 - Antella (Firenze) Italy
Tel. +39 055 6560324 – Fax + 39 055 620670
Officine Gullo pays tribute to Italian beauty and sophistication by means of FIORENTINA, the new line of cooking appliances.

A unique and valuable style able to enrich any typology of kitchen with personality and charm. In fact, the new FIORENTINA collection was conceived to embellish those places already characterised by a specified style or design by introducing efficient and aesthetically satisfying elements having a strong personality.

FIORENTINA is inspired by Tuscany, by any aspect of its culture, by its landscape, by its traditions and by its history of metalworking.

The new cooking appliance with free placement, characterised by a “magnificent” style, was fully designed and developed in Italy to ensure the most of quality, of performances and of appearance in order to meet any culinary need making use of tradition and innovation.

For Officine Gullo accuracy is as important as power; therefore, the high-performance burners, installed in the FIORENTINA cooking appliances, ensure the right amount of flame thanks to 5 combinations, with as many configurations, for an almost endless control. As a matter of fact, burners made of brass are resistant to the highest temperatures, but they are also able to supply the feeblest flames.

Together with cooking appliances, Officine Gullo offers a wide range of household electrical appliances designed to be integrated into and to complete any type of kitchen.

The professional hobs, made of brass, burnished copper, steel and cast iron include the most advanced technologies for cooking. Burners can reach a power up to 10 kW.
There are convection ovens which are multifunctional and programmable; they are also equipped with a triple insulating glass to ensure excellent performances. The professional ones are internally made of steel and are equipped with baking trays for catering.

Refrigerators have exceptional features: the inside is made of antibacterial stainless steel, shelves are made of crystal, two independent engines and a freezer drawer with ice maker. The body is made of very thick stainless steel, painted and finished with burnished brass, nickel-plated or chromed, to be perfectly matched with the collection of cooking appliances.

And then the accessories, to complete this journey through the world of the new Officine Gullo proposals: shelves holding pots, gas cocks and mixer taps, sinks, decorated panels and much more besides. They are manufactured using the noblest metals and they result from the need for space of any place and they combine functionality and beauty.