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Company details
Via Fiorentina, 70
50063 Figline e Incisa Valdarno (FI) - Italy
Phone: +39 055 951 946
For over fifty years, Poggesi has produced high quality tailored parasols, entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy using high quality raw material such as aluminium, stainless steel and polyester-based thermosetting powders coats to ensure the highest resistance to corrosion and durability. A perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, exclusive raw materials, durability and strength, versatility and functionality, combined with an always more important attention to product design, aesthetics and ease of use.
JOINT is all this. A new concept of umbrella, an evolution in terms of style, born processing and studying one of the most recognizable and important cantilever umbrellas of Poggesi, “King”. While maintaining the traditional featuring of elegance, durability and ease of use, JOINT is characterized by a unique, original and light design, extremely versatile and highly customizable according to the requests and needs of the customer, to better conform to any surrounding environment and live the outdoor spaces all year round.

JOINT is designed by the Arch. Roberto Semprini and handcrafted using only high quality raw materials. Both the structure, entirely made of aluminium and stainless steel and varnished with polyester-based thermosetting powders coats to guarantee a very high resistance to corrosion, and the cloth, which is completely sewn with cotton thread to ensure the highest waterproofing, allow the highest stylistic and colour customization.
Thanks to the lateral cantilever arm set inside the roof, JOINT offers an extraordinary combination of aesthetics and manoeuvrability, and introduces the concept of comfort and refinement even for the outdoor spaces. In addition, the telescopic movement system allows the user not to remove the furniture set under the umbrella, during the opening and closing stage, helping to overcome any necessities for space and encumbrance. Versatile, multi-directional and easy to open, Joint is protected by a position locking system and blends functionality and ease of use with an elegant, original and non-intrusive design, that perfectly integrates with any architecture and location. Weather and corrosion resistant and made to last, thanks to the high quality raw materials, JOINT is the ideal choice not only for the private spaces, but also for the commercial ones, helping to create large, pleasant and fully equipped living areas, decorated with a great attention to design and aesthetics, provided with all the comforts and completely customizable.