ROYAL ABSOLUTE by Glass Design - PREVIEW Salone Internaziona [..]

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Company details
Glass Design srl
Via Limitese, 122/124
50053 Vinci (FI) Italy
Tel. +39 0571 902311
Fax +39 0571 902312
Dedicated to those who delight in luxury, who seek within the craftsmanship of an object its intrinsic value and beauty, the new ROYAL ABSOLUTE washbasin by Glass Design is synonymous with elegant and individual bathing spaces where every detail is curated to perfection.

If ROYAL ABSOLUTE is the epitome of pure classical luxury, its unique character lends itself equally well to more minimalist contemporary settings where an ethereal quality guarantees it becomes the focal point of any room.

ROYAL ABSOLUTE is fashioned from VetroFreddo®, an innovative material patented by Glass Design and consisting of glass pigments and resins in a choice of matt black and gloss white finishes. The basin is surrounded by a band of crystal featuring a striking diamond cut. The crystal, hand-beveled in accordance with master glassmaking tradition, is decorated in LUX colours: gold, silver and bronze.

The collection is completed by a series of harmonising accessories, such as soap dispensers, tumblers and soap dishes, all displaying the same crystal decoration as for the basin, to maximum visual effect.

Dimensions: D365 H152mm