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is a collection focused on the design of a bed, a unique object that expresses a highly scenographic force, but which actually is based on a simple concept: an idea born thinking of the leaf as an object in itself. An image taken from Nature - the inspiring muse of Savio Firmino's most celebrated collections - and transmuted by Luca Bojola through new expressions of beauty, colors and simplicity.
A natural element that is estranged from its context and takes shape and solidity. Not only an image, but an object molded in its three-dimensionality, shaped in several ways in a skilful artisan path that creates unmistakable furnishing elements.Objects that refer to an intimate, personal or couple's journey: a walk in the woods, the freshness of a view of a courtyard. The leaves remain as a memento of the path and merge in an embrace, in an intimate and relaxing encounter.
The Leaves Collection was created to celebrate the inspirational charge of Nature in all its nuances: this is how, thanks to a wide selection of colors, fabrics and finishes, the products can adapt to environments that are different in style and tone. A variety of atmospheres with a modern interpretation that includes burnished bronzes, silver, shades of gold and brown and the shades of the various colors of the four seasons. These singular contaminations revive the classic colors in a new color and style trend.The soft and enveloping shapes of leather, textiles, woods that enhance the essential lines of the products, in a contrast between past and future.

Captions: Design Luca Bojola
Leaves bed: double bed with headboard decorated with overlapping and carved leaves with a shiny silver and bronze finish. Bed frame in light walnut wood with silver details.Dimensions: cm 226x210x186 H
Tema Leaves Bench: Bed bench with antique silver finish. Upholstered in exclusive Savio Firmino Timo04c59 smooth fabric. Dimensions: 120x44x62H cm.
Tema Leaves bedside table: Coffee table in Brown Walnut essence. Drawer with push to open opening system. Cross-shaped legs. Dimensions: 68x47x63H cm. 
Photo Credits: Lorenzo Borgianni