Scarabeo Ceramiche has won the Innovative Interior “Best of [..]

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Company details
Loc. Pian Del Trullo - 01034 Fabrica Di Roma - VT
Tel. +39.0761.540028 - Fax +39.0761.540286
We spoke to the company about the features that led to its receiving such as an important award.

- Winning an award for innovative features means standing out from all the rest, because those features are not present on the market yet. STEP is not just a normal shower tray, so how should we define it?
STEP is a new idea in shower trays that is revolutionary in its kind. It has great visual appeal and can be used in any context, without limits. It is formed of a 27-mm-thick ceramic surface in a single bloc, which can be cut to size during installation and mounted perfectly flush with the floor.

- So it allows a barrier-free bathroom to be created?
Precisely. It is a solution that eliminates any issues relating to dimensions, in terms of both surface area and thickness, because it can be fit in anywhere with consummate ease. The drain cover, which is enamelled in the same colour as the tray, creates a smooth appearance that makes the product visually attractive as well.

- Environmental sustainability is always a factor now. How does STEP fit in?
STEP was designed with a view to environmental sustainability: the industrially-produced ceramic reuses all the mixtures and residues from the production process.

- What features are the result of this production process?
The result is a ductile material that is incredibly resistant to the most frequent uses and suitable for the most extreme environmental conditions. It is waterproof, can support weights up to 1,000 kg and is resistant to impacts, abrasions and stains. It is unaffected by thermal shocks and adverse weather and is entirely non-slip. The surface texture, which is available in various colours, does not undergo any change in colour caused by light.

- So it is the perfect material for a solid and durable shower tray. Where can it be most widely used?
There are no particular preferences, because it is ideal for any type of bathroom, both in homes and in contract projects. It is also excellent for outdoor use. It is an elegant and extremely functional solution that satisfies the demand for minimalist style down to the smallest details. We call it the latest frontier in the shower world, a combination of craftsmanship and industry, innovation and sustainable design. And it is also extremely attractive!