Scarabeo presents the new MOON collection

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Company details
Loc. Pian Del Trullo - 01034 Fabrica Di Roma - VT
Tel. +39.0761.540028 - Fax +39.0761.540286
Design Massimiliano Braconi
“I envisaged a simple, elegant, sinuous and shapeless object inspired by simple urban elements. The element I conceived is physically sophisticated yet suited to our frenetic consumerism. A product with large, embracing forms that reflects a new human minimalism”. Massimilano Braconi

The time has come for MOON, the large-size washbasin with a slim core. The wide bowl offers an appealing and unusual contrast to the light edges, which are only a few millimetres thick.

Its elegant, sober design reflects the merging of beauty and practicality. Suitable for any type of home environment, its dimensional characteristics make it a highly practical item that be installed even in homes having a single bathroom.

Rigorously made in Italy, MOON is made of ceramic and it is proposed in ten different configurations of washbasin complete with sanitaryware.

Lavabo da incasso / Built-in washbasin - cm 42/70 x 42
Lavabo da appoggio o sospeso H. 15 / Lay-on or wall -mounted wasbasin H.15 - cm 90/70/50 x45
Lavabo da appoggio H.18 / Lay-on washbasin H18 - cm 90/70/42 x42
Lavabo da appoggio H.40 / Lay-on washbasin H40 - cm 42x42
Lavabo a terra da appoggio H.85 / Free standing washbasin H.85 - cm 42x42
WC e bidet sospesi / Wall -mounted WC and bidet - cm 50,5x36
WC e bidet da terra / Floor-mounted WC and bidet - cm 54,5x36