Scarabeo presents STEP: Innovation and sustainable design, a [..]

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Loc. Pian Del Trullo - 01034 Fabrica Di Roma - VT
Tel. +39.0761.540028 - Fax +39.0761.540286
STEP is a new idea in shower trays that is revolutionary in its kind, has great visual appeal and is admirably suitable in any context with limitless adaptability.

Patented by Scarabeo, STEP is not a simple shower tray but a ceramic surface, made in a single block with a thickness of 28mm that can be cut to size during installation and is perfect for mounting flush with the floor. A solution that eliminates any issues related to size in terms of surface area and thickness, because it can be fit in anywhere with consummate ease.

STEP was designed with a view to environmental sustainability: the industrially-produced ceramic reuses all the mixtures and residues from the production process.

The result is a ductile material that is incredibly resistant to the most frequent uses and suitable for the most extreme environmental conditions. It is waterproof, can take loads of up to 1000kg and is resistant to impacts, abrasions and stains. It is unaffected by thermal shocks and adverse weather, is entirely non-slip and the surface texture, which is available in various colours (White, Black, Cement, Taupe and Brown), does not incur any change in colour caused by light.

A perfect material for a tough and durable shower tray, ideal for any type of residential or contract-sector bathroom, as well as for outdoor use.

Hygienically safe, STEP is the latest frontier in the shower world, a combination of craftsmanship and industry, nature and ecology.